February 2022 at NSM

Dear Friends:
Winter is gradually losing its hold as the morning light arrives earlier, the daylight stays longer,  the snowdrops are beginning to show their heads, and the forsythia buds are forming. Yet there is a difference from last year as we move ahead without our dear teacher Thich Nhat Hahn in our physical presence.  However, he has asked not to be remembered by a stupa (shrine for his remains), but rather by paying attention to our breathing and walking – here is where we can see him.  What a magnificent legacy he has left us.  

On Sunday, February 27, we will honour Thay with a special event co-hosted by three local Sanghas: North Shore Mindfulness, Mindfulness Practice Community of Vancouver, and Waves and Water. Our topic is Thay’s newest book: Zen and the Art of Saving the Planet. Please plan to join us, whether or not you have a chance to read the book. Further details about the time and agenda will be posted closer to the date.

Online Zoom Schedule:  Tuesdays 7:00 to 8:30 pm

Feb 1  —  Five Mindfulness Trainings — To participate in the recitation, the five mindfulness trainings can be found at:  https://northshoremindfulness.com/practice
Feb 8  —  Tea Ceremony — Prepare tea ahead of time and bring in a thermal mug, ready to drink or pour into a cup.

Feb 15 — Dharma reading.

Feb 28 — Deep relaxation — Prepare a comfortable place to rest.


After each weekly practice except Deep Relaxtion, feel free to stay for an informal chat over tea.  If you are new to the NSM Sangha and wish to practice with us, please send an email to nsmindfulness@gmail.com so that we can introduce ourselves.


North Shore Mindfulness

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