April 2021 at NSM

Springtime at Dundarave Park, West Vancouver

Dear Friends:

Please join April’s virtual Sangha. Our group continues to thrive and support one another. As we receive our vaccines, there is finally hope we will meditate in person again. With new life coming forth in springtime, the flowers, trees, birds and animals, we can turn to nature for relief from loneliness and suffering. The earth offers us opportunities to be happy.

To support your practice, have you discovered the Plum Village app?There are so many interesting and useful practices here. For example, in a short meditation, Brother Phap Dung guides us through the practice of conscious breathing, helping the mind to go back to our body and anchoring us in the present moment. In another session, Thich Nhat Hahn guides us to meditate on Calm – Ease. In the morning it is refreshing to start 20 minutes of silent meditation with the beautiful Morning Chant. For children, Brother Phap Luu demonstrates the Pebble Meditation. Let Sister Chan Kong lead you in Deep Relaxation. Or listen to the tawny owls from Thay’s veranda!

If you are new to the Sangha, please send an email to nsmindfulness@gmail.com so we can introduce ourselves to one another.

Zoom Practices: Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:30 PM

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82495390284?pwd=U3NCenRvUTBqVzFnMUhhMW05QTg2QT09

April 6 – Five Mindfulness Trainings – To participate in the recitation, please have on hand a copy of the 5MT’s. They can be found on our website at https:/northshoremindfulness.com/practice.

April 13 – Mindful Tea – Please prepare tea ahead of time

April 20 – Dharma Reading

April 27 – Deep Relaxation – Please prepare a comfortable place to rest

After our practice, we invite you to stay online to connect with one another over a cup of tea.


North Shore Mindfulness

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