February at NSM

Dear Friends:

Welcome to our February sittings from the North Shore Mindfulness Sangha. It  is wonderful to discover we continue to enjoy a sense of community and closeness through an online medium. If you are new, please send an email to nsmindfulness@gmail.com so that we can introduce ourselves. 


Feb. 2 –  Five Mindfulness Trainings – To participate in the recitation, please have on hand a copy of the Five Mindfulness Trainings. They can be found on our website at  https://northshoremindfulness.com/practice.

Feb. 9 –  Dharma Reading 

Feb. 16 – Tea Meditation – Please prepare tea ahead of time. Perhaps you would like to bring your tea in a travel/thermal mug, ready to drink, or pour hot into a cup.

Feb. 23 – Deep Relaxation —  Please prepare a comfortable place to rest.

After our meditation sessions for the next two weeks, on February 2 and 9, we invite you to stay online for a community catch-up over a cup of tea. Once again, please prepare your tea ahead of time.

The following link is valid for February’s meetings:

Meeting ID: 824 9539 0284
Passcode: Awareness1


North Shore Mindfulness

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