December 2019 at North Shore Mindfulness

Morning visit with Thich Nhat Hanh at Tu Hieu Pagoda, April 2019 

Dear Friends:

Our beloved teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh, continues to show us how to live with grace and courage at age 93! When I was fortunate to be in his presence in Hue, Vietnam last April, he turned his gaze towards the group of visitors, as you see in this photo. When he slowly looked from person to person, I felt an immense sense of calm and love sweep over me. Also during the visit, Thay teased the nuns by playfully posing with a frangipani flower. Everyone was smiling and laughing with him. Then Paul Davis, one of the leaders of our Loving Work Foundation travelling group, presented to Thay the photobook he created, A Way of Life: Zen Monastics at Work and at Play, 2017. He and Thay looked through some of the familiar photos together. What a memorable, precious time!! 

You might be interested to read a current account of Thay’s health and travels at the link below. He is visiting the Thailand monastery where our Loving Work Foundation group also spent a wonderful week during the spring retreat.

Now, on to our December schedule. I hope you will come and relax in the support of our Sangha on Tuesday evenings, or enjoy your practice in your warm home or in the quiet forest. Give yourself the gift of taking time to stop and take care of yourself. The Christmas season is for many of us a time of mixed emotions: happiness, distraction, loneliness.  How fortunate to know we can always touch that deeper joy available to us by coming back to our true selves. “There is a concentration on your in-breath that will make body and mind come together in just one moment. And suddenly you find yourself fully present, fully alive” (The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh, 2012).

We have the following three meetings this month. There is a social gathering planned for December 17.

Dec 3   – Deep Relaxation*

Dec 10 – Recitation of the Five Mindfulness Trainings

Dec 17 – Meditation for the first hour, followed by a social time with tea and treats. You are invited to bring a few snacks to share.

* Mats and cushions are provided for deep relaxation.  Bring a blanket or whatever you like to be comfortable.


Janet on behalf of 

North Shore Mindfulness
Tuesday 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Audio Visual Room @ West Van Seniors’ Activity Centre (SAC)
695 21st Street, West Vancouver

2 thoughts on “December 2019 at North Shore Mindfulness

  1. trishtho

    Thank you, dear Janet for keeping me in the loop. I love your warm style of communicating.

    I leave tomorrow for Hanoi, returning to Charleston in early May. Our retreats are shaping up nicely, with new friends and several ‘old-timers’. I wish you were one of those.

    My surgery went very well. I am my old self again, w no more dragging around in the afternoons, AND I am sleeping 7-8 hours straight through at night. A blessing.

    Much love to you, Linda and the whole Sangha, Trish

    Sent from my iPhone


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