October 2019 at NSM

Here is the Audio Visual (AV) Room just before our gathering begins…a place is ready for you

Dear Friends:

The North Shore Mindfulness community has met in our spacious new room at the West Van Seniors’ Centre for a whole month and we really like it!  While having a new space has taken a little getting used to, we are nicely set up and enjoy returning to the warm, familiar support of our dear Sangha. We have met some new meditators and enjoyed reconnecting with long-time members.

Our basic practice and program rotation remain the same.  However, before our gathering begins, now we have the opportunity to connect in the café between 6:00 to 6:45 PM. Some people have treated themselves to an inexpensive home-cooked dinner and others settled on a bowl of hot soup.  Then, we are welcomed to enter the AV room at 6:50 PM so we can mindfully find a spot and be ready when the bell is invited at 7:00 PM. There are chairs and mats available but please bring your own cushion or bench if that is your practice routine. If you are unavoidably late for the first sitting meditation, please quietly join the group. 

Along with weekly sitting meditation, walking meditation and dharma sharing, additional activities for October are:

  • Oct 1 – Deep Relaxation (Mats are provided. Bring a blanket to be comfortable)
  • Oct 8 – Five Mindfulness Trainings
  • Oct 15 – Dharma Reading
  • Oct 22 – Tea Meditation
  • Oct 29 – Ten Mindful Movements

Why Sangha? Thich Nhat Hanh teaches:
Alone we are vulnerable, but with brothers and sisters to work with, we can support each other. We cannot go to the ocean as a drop of water – we would evaporate before reaching our destination. But if we become a river, if we go as a Sangha, we are sure to arrive at the ocean.


Janet and Linda on behalf of

2 thoughts on “October 2019 at NSM

  1. Bob & Janice

    Your new space for Sangha looks wonderfully inviting and accessible. It is heart warming to see the inclusion of a time to gather, share food and community together before your basic practice and weekly program begins. May you continue to “go as a river”
    🙏🏽Best wishes from Bob & Janice in Victoria

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