DOM: Thank You to All

Dharma Talk by Trish Thompson

Dear Friends
Last Saturday, Trish Thompson offered a most enlightening day and it was very enjoyable because of your presence. This was the first Day of Mindfulness hosted by North Shore Mindfulness in recent years and oh boy, did we learn a lot!  But mostly we are grateful for the genuine support of everyone involved in this event from Trish Thompson and Jeanie Seward-Magee to the warm-hearted interactions we experienced with all of you.

To continue your practice, here are links to three local Sanghas:


North Shore:
For further information about:

With Abundant Gratitude 


Linda, Ian, Janet, and Sharon on behalf of
North Shore Mindfulness

Our Day of Mindfulness Sangha
Walking meditation in Stanley Park
Mindful picnic in the park
Walking in the West End Neighbourhood of Vancouver
Mindful movements

2 thoughts on “DOM: Thank You to All

  1. Danna Zelenka

    Thank you All,

    For a lovely and welcoming day of practice with the sangha and Trish Thompson!
    With gratitude,

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