Trish Thompson to Lead Sangha Tuesday June 18

Dear Sangha members
Exciting news! Trish Thompson will be leading the North Shore Mindfulness meditation practice on Tuesday, June 18th, 7PM – 9PM.
A number of you have already registered for the June 22nd Day of Mindfulness but if you cannot attend this event, Tuesday, June 18th is a chance for you to meet Trish and experience meditation practice with her guidance.  Even if you are going to the Day of Mindfulness, enjoy a more personal time with her in a small group setting on Tuesday, June 18th.

Here is a brief bio from the website:
Trish Thompson is the founder of the Loving Work Foundation which supports “…humanitarian programs that improve the lives of disadvantaged Vietnamese children and families….In the mid 1990s she was a student of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama for six months and was the first western retreatant to live with the Tibetan nuns at Dolma Ling Nunnery….In 1997, she became a student of the Zen Master, the Venerable Thích Nhất Hạnh. She is a Dharma Teacher in the Plum Village tradition, having received the Lamp of Wisdom Transmission from her teacher (Thay).”

3 thoughts on “Trish Thompson to Lead Sangha Tuesday June 18

  1. Pat Hummel

    I am interested in attending the mindfulness session on June 18 at 7 o’clock. Can you please tell me where it will be held. Thank you. Pat Hummel

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  2. Ian, Janet, Linda and Sharon (in alphabetical order) Thx very much for organizing this day of Mindfulness, I thought it was excellent and you obviously put a lot of work into it. I was very impressed with Trish. See you Tuesday. Nigel


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