Information for June 22 DAY of MINDFULNESS

Dear Friends:
Our Day of Mindfulness is a week and a half away.  Here is further information to help you settle in for the day:

  • 1863 Alberni is on the north side of Alberni, close to Denman Street on the Stanley Park side.
  • Please arrive in silence by 9:45AM on Saturday June 22nd. 
  • When you arrive at the front doors of 1863 Alberni, wait mindfully until someone lets you into the building.
  • If for some reason you arrive later than10:00AM, please wait by the large window to the left-hand side of the entrance until someone comes to the front door to quietly let you in.  If you happen to arrive during sitting meditation, please sit on the wall by the window outside and do the sitting meditation with us.  Once we finish, someone will come and let you in.
  • Please bring your cushion or meditation bench if you use one.
  • Drink only water indoors to avoid coffee or tea spills staining the carpet. 
  • Bring a vegetarian lunch plus any snacks and drinks you may need during the day. There will not be an opportunity to buy food. Weather permitting, we will picnic at the park.
  • Turn off your mobile phone or leave it at home.
  • For deep relaxation, bring what you need to be comfortable, such as a yoga mat and/or blanket.
  • Your registration fee covers expenses such as the room rental, and a portion will be donated to the Loving Work Foundation. DANA is also warmly welcomed.

We look forward to spending a mindful day with Trish Thompson and all of you.

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